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Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries

Continuous Quality Improvement

At IFQ, we are the industry pioneers in offering comprehensive Internal and External Audit services specifically designed for healthcare organizations, focusing on “Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries” and related areas like Healthcare Quality Enhancement, Continuous Quality Improvement in Medical Sector, Healthcare Process Optimization, Sustainable Quality Improvements in Hospitals, and Quality Upgradation in Healthcare Industry. Our expertise caters to a diverse range of healthcare facilities, including NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospital & Health Care Service Providers) certified entities or those aspiring for NABH certification.

We extend our valuable guidance to various healthcare establishments, such as NON-NABH Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Polyclinics, and AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) facilities. Our services encompass end-to-end support throughout the NABH certification process and specialized training programs for healthcare employees across various departments, irrespective of their NABH application status.

We have completed over 80 Hospitals for New/Fresh NABH certification and 25 Hospitals for NABH Renewals, 2 Diagnostic Centers, 1 AYUSH Hospital, 1st ever Polyclinic, First Homoeopathic Hospital in Pune was also done .

❖ Merits of Audit

  • Legally safeguard your hospital through meticulous documentation, promoting “Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries.”
  • Foster a professional working environment within your organization, emphasizing Healthcare Quality Enhancement.
  • Uphold stringent hygiene standards, contributing to Sustainable Quality Improvements in Hospitals.
  • Strengthen documentation practices towards perfection, aligning with Quality Upgradation in Healthcare Industry.
  • Enhance end-users’ satisfaction
  • Distinguish your hospital from others in the industry with a focus Healthcare Process Optimization.
  • Establish your organization as a benchmark in your locality
  • Unlock opportunities for NABH Accreditation
  • QCI Certification
  • Insurance Empanelment
  • CGHS Empanelment
  • ESI Empanelment
  • Ayushman Bharat Yojana
  • ISO Audit
  • AYUSH Accreditation and more aligned with “Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries.”

❖ Audit Methodology - Quality Improvement (QI)

Our Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries (CQI) process is strategically designed to bring significant enhancements to various departments within your healthcare establishment.

Step 1 -: Training

Conduct a comprehensive 3-day training program, consisting of 4 sessions lasting 4 hours each, to educate all staff members about the principles of Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare Industries and Continuous Quality Improvement in Medical Sector.

Step 2 -: Gap Analysis:

Perform internal audits with one visit every 15 days, spending 4 hours per visit for an entire year, to identify areas of improvement based on the principles of Healthcare Quality Enhancement.

Step 3 -: Process Improvement

Periodically visit your organization to implement process improvements, aligned with the gap analysis findings. These visits, lasting 4 hours and occurring every 15 days for one year, ensure steady progress towards Healthcare Process Optimization.

Step 4 -: NABH Accreditation

We assist in the application and preparation for the external audit, utilizing our expert trainers to support your team during the external audit.

❖ Audit is Specially Designed for following Departments

Front Office, Reception, Security, Emergency/Causality, IPD files Ambulance, Pharmacy, Imaging, Pathology Laboratory, ICU, Nursing/Doctors, Operation Theatre, Wards, HR, Admin, MRD, Infrastructure, Housekeeping, QI.

Mr.Vijay Deshpande

Director/Founder/ASQ Member

(Institute of Fundamentals in Quality(IFQ))