Play Bridge Wherever and Whenever You Like!

If you are looking for a bridge game that will let you play contract bridge online, then IFQ is just the ticket! This bridge game is easy to download on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows.

There are even hints to help you if you are asking yourself “How do you play bridge?”. For those who already know how to play bridge, this bridge app helps you sharpen your skills at both declarer’s play and defense before jumping in to play duplicate bridge against live opponents.

We want to make it not just fun, easy and educational, but we also want you to play bridge online as a meaningful experience in every way. We aim to lead the way among free bridge apps.

Why Play Bridge?

  • Available 24/7
  • Play and meet your friends
  • No commitment
  • Play with no limit
  • Challenge players and friends
Join the largest community of bridge players.
Play with your real life partner, or find a partner online.
Relax and kibitz world class players.
Chat, hang out and meet bridge players from all over the world.

One on one sessions

Online sessions will help
you learn basics and
strategies of the game as
a beginner.

Online sessions

Each session will be
online via Whatsapp or
Zoom. Sessions will
include course material.

Course fee

INR 200/- peronline
session. 10 sessions
Each session will be 25
mins. Pay online through
Google pay.

Meet The Coach

Mr. Vijay Deshpande is a quality professional with over 30 years of experience in Lean Management training and coaching. His vision is to develop a holistic approach to problem solving and improved performance. He believes in combining work and play for professional and personal growth.

An expert in the field of training and development, he will provide you with the skills and strategies for the beginner level.

Build your interest in playing cards and spend quality leisure time practicing skills and strategies in just 10 exclusive online sessions.

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