Black Belt Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Who should appear for Six Sigma Black Belt examination & get the ASQ Certification?

  • For those planning to go to US or work, with a US company in India
  • For those who want to make a Long term career in Quality/Six Sigma projects department
  • For those working in India and serving US clients
  • For those who do not get formal management qualification, can have management equivalent qualification & knowledge.

Course Duration: 6 days.

How he /she can get the ASQ certification for Six Sigma Black Belt?

He /she has to do our courses in Six Sigma Black Belt We will prepare him to complete the projects at work place ; he/she will he assisted with all practice sessions (min 2 ) for ASQ Black Belt Certification or Six Sigma Black Belt examination. We will prepare him for application to ASQ Black Belt examination at the right time
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Black belt six sigma
How this ASQ Black Belt training will get you the ASQ Black Belt Certification, After attending the Six Sigma ASQ Black Belt training we will help the participants to complete project work conforming to ASQ Black Belt certification. At a particular stage, the participants are recommended to pay ASQ fee, and register for the exam.