Six Sigma Certification

How Is Lean Six Sigma Helpful To The Pharma Industry?

Pharma Industry needs use of statistical tools in their formulation and product trials . There are lots of variables in a product design which need to be mixed in the right proportion . Such complex situations can be handled using minitab and DOE , tools of six sigma black belt. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma … Read more

How Is Six Sigma Used In The Financial Industry?

Tally used in finance has limited data analysis capabilities. However six sigma using minitab can generate lots of data like – product wise sales, type of expenses causing loss, geographical sales, relationship of inputs and outputs. ( Manpower input vs. sales ) Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt … Read more

How Six Sigma Can Support Data Analytics?

Six sigma teaches you statistical tools which help you for the data analysis. For every situation, data and facts presented in a number manner is of no use. We need to get it in an analytical mode. This analysis can help us to improve our judgement in decision. Following tools give us this analysed data … Read more