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    Institute of Fundamentals in Quality is one of the few institutes in Pune which covers a variety of courses to achieve Six Sigma Certification Online. As the name suggests, this Institute-Of-Fundamentals-In-Quality, focuses on clarifying fundamental questions in quality of participants joining business organizations. This training of Six Sigma transforms individuals to solve problems, face challenges & develop interpersonal relationship. The training includes project work, which results in financial benefits to the organisation, where individuals are working. It fosters their self-confidence to orient with the Industry practices. We have trained more than 4000 students from Manufacturing, KPO & IT sector.


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    IFQ India Six Sigma Online Certification FAQ

    Basically Six Sigma is a training of problem solving techniques and decision making. It is the process of reducing defects(process variation) from respective process and to achieve sigma level. It is necessary to know how to convert every problem into mathematical/statistical problem using basic tools of Six Sigma. These are Voice of Customer(VOC), Cause & Effect Diagram, Cause & Effect Matrix, Pareto Charts, Why Why analysis, MSA, FMEA, SPC etc. 

    It will improve customer satisfaction (internal & external). Defects free production and service, improve profit by reducing cost of a product. In personal it will be focused approach, taking more and more responsibilities, self confidence to face more challenges.

    Once you implemented the tools of Six Sigma as per DMAIC methodology in your work place according to your experience automatically the productivity as well as quality of product will increase with lost cost and delivery at right time. Also once you implemented the simple project of Six Sigma It will be proven example that  you are using these tools at your work place daily and management of the company will appreciate your efforts of project. 

    ASQ is American Society of Quality Professionals conducting its worldwide exam of Green & Black Belt twice in a year. Green Belt exam is in June & December & Black Belt exam is in October & March. Pune is also one of the examination center of ASQ at Koregaon Park,Pune 411 001.

    After completing Green Belt basic training of Six Sigma anybody can appear for ASQ’s Green Belt examination (provided it will be beneficial to the participant that to complete the project charter based on his/her work profile/process implemented at their organization as a proven example). After it will over he/she can appear for IFQ’s Black Belt training and implement the project assignment work in their work place. After that he/she can appear for ASQ’s Black Belt examination either in October or in March. It will cost approximately 300 to 350 US Dollars(Rs. 16.5 to 17K Indian Rs,).

    Yes! IFQ will guide their participants to appear for ASQ Green OR Black Belt examination. Only he/she has to be complete all basic class room training of six sigma, all Quizs to be solved given in note book and through email on an individual basis as well as in class room OR group wise in class and project assignment work is to be completed under the guidance of IFQ’s experts. IFQ will mentor the project assignment of a participant based on their work profile/process. Our ex participants are presenting their live projects in present batch so that the other participants will understand its importance and benefit to an individual as well as to the company.

    IFQ is having lot of references in all sectors of industries like Manufacturing, Production, Quality, Service industries, IT, Automobile etc. Once a participant is associated with IFQ it will take care of the participant in all respect including job change, reference or placement, mentoring for project work assignment etc. It is our experience that it will help an individual with regards to change over a present job. Also IFQ will recommend the project assignment work an individual to a organization concerned if asked for.

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