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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a Lean Manufacturing technique used to analyze and design the flow of material and/or information. It enables to identify and eliminate waste, in order to streamline work processes, cut lead times, reduce costs, and increase quality thus enabling on time delivery and first time right product or service.

In VSM, a cross functional team of employees maps the current state from customer back to raw material, including all steps – both value-added and non-value-added.

The team also develops a Future State map to act as a blueprint for Lean activities. The Future State often represents a significant change from the way the organisation currently operates. The employee team develops an implementation road map to make the Future State a reality.

The short term most urgent needs are addressed first and long term actions are also initiated in the exercise.

Who Should Attend?

For all Middle/Senior management employees from Mfg/Operation, Sales & Service, HRD, Finance department, & other department employees of an Organization.

In house training program can be organized for a group of  15 to 20 nos of participants your work place(per batch).

Course Methodology

  • How Value Stream Mapping gives a broad view from supplier to customer – Flow, Value, addition of value
  • Selecting the Value Stream
  • VSM symbols and meanings
  • Steps to Value Stream Mapping
  • 3M elements of Lean 
  • Getting to the Future State
  • How to use Value Stream Mapping to develop a Manufacturing Strategy
  • Waste Identification
  • Discuss course content 
  • Collect fee 
  • Send course material by post 
  • Send agenda for conducting the course 
  • Decide time and date of conducting course, first session, 2 hours 
  • Give quiz 
  • Receive replies 
  • Give correct answers, with explanations 
  • Continue with second session, on similar lines 
  • After the analyse phase is over, start with the project charter discussion 
  • Support for improvement phase of the project and theory part with course material 
  • Fee collection to be completed before improve and control phase 
  • Repeat 2 hours sessions, at mutual convenience 

Course Name       : Value Stream Mapping


  • Days           :     2
  • Sessions    :     2 
  • Duration Of Sessions : 8 hrs 
  • Amount     :   INR 10000.00


  • Days           :      4
  • Sessions    :      4( 2 hrs x 2 per day)
  • Duration Of Sessions  :
  • Amount     :  INR 10000.00

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Take Away of the Program

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Good root cause analysis & Team work.
    • Positive attitude towards work, Participation of every participant.
    • These skills will enable effective meetings.

We all experience that meetings are conducted in most Organizations but they get dragged into non-essential & non relevant points. This leads to wastage of time & avoidance of meeting. But a single input of attending IFQ’s training program in cross functional areas like:- kaizen & team work, 7 QC tools & leadership, Problem solving techniques & communication skills etc., can change approach & mind-set of employees during meetings & brain storming sessions.

Certificates will be issued to the participants after examination.


Value Stream Mapping



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