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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Who should appear for Six Sigma Green Belt examination & get the ASQ Certification?

  • For those planning to go to US or work, with a US company in India
  • For those who want to make a Long term career in Quality/Six Sigma projects department
  • For those working in India and serving US clients
  • For those who do not get formal management qualification, can have management equivalent & knowledge.

Course Duration: 4 days.

How he /she can get the ASQ certification for Six Sigma Green Belt?

He /she has to do our courses in Six Sigma Green Belt:We will prepare him to complete the projects at work place ; he/she will he assisted with all practice sessions (min . 2 ) for ASQ Green Belt Certification of Six Sigma Green Belt examination. We will prepare him for application to ASQ green Belt examination at the right time
Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt Certification
How this ASQ Green Belt training will get you the ASQ Green Belt Certification, After attending the Six Sigma ASQ Green Belt training we will help the participants to complete project work conforming to ASQ Green Belt certification. The participant will then appear foc equivalent examination of ASQ Green Belt certification conducted by the Institute T. Our Green Belt examination will follow the ASQ certification pattern. This would be followed with a few practice sessions of ASQ Green Belt exam.

Green six sigma belt actually works under supervision with Black six sigma belt to recognise and find out the solutions related to quality and process control. The employees having Green belt six sigma can work on process improvements teams.

It also suggests process development initiatives for robust systems of the organisation which in turn delivers continuous output to customers. Green belt training prepares the individuals to notice, count and reduce obstacles/issues within the organisation. The training also gives the employees a new vision to look forward their everyday work and hence giving the job satisfaction. They will try to solve the problems in a very systematic way with advanced ways. Learners should have a complete knowledge of six sigma principles. Then only one can analyse waste products and create new ways. It takes average up to 3 to 5 weeks to complete the course .With this training participants will be able to recognise the tools and methods which are important to be part of DMIAC projects.

Advantages of Green belt six sigma Certification course.

  • Employees can manage their time effectively.
  • Increase in honesty towards customer.
  • They are encouraged.
  • Less cycle time.
  • Perfect planning.
  • Supply chain management.

Once you complete the course, you have to pass the exam which includes the questions related to the training only. Because of this exam participants will come to know their understanding level about what they have learnt during course. It consists of 100 multiple choice questions .The exam duration will be 4 hours. The exam will be in English only.