Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Now a days we believe mostly on proven and accurate data. At an industrial level, this data is acquired in a large amount on the basis of measurement and inspection. This data should be accurate in order to make the right decisions .if the information is incorrect, then wrong decisions will be made. Which finally results into loss .A proper plan and execution of MSA results in profit which enables to take correct decisions.

MSA is a preliminary mathematical method to find out the difference within a measurement process. This difference can directly affect the overall process variability. MSA is used to validate the system’s efficiency, stability and precision.

Course Objectives :

This course is based on the Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Manual (AI. documentation), and 0 designed to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge and skiills to conduct measurement system analyses for !be Production Part Approval. Process (PPAP) as well as routine anaLyses.

At the end of the course, successful participant. will know bow to establish measurement system analysis requirements and bow to conduct bias, stability and linearity checks as well as repeatability and reproducibility studies (P&R studies) for variable and attribute data.


  • OneTime – 9.30 AM to 5 PM.