Six Sigma Certification

Problem Solving Techniques & Communication Skills

Who Should Attend?

For all Middle/Senior management employees from Mfg/Operation, Sales & Service, HRD, Finance department, & other department employees of an Organization.

In house training program can be organized for a group of  15 to 20 nos of participants your work place(per batch).

Course Methodology

Take Away of the Program

  • Decision making ability will increase, reduce defects/errors/rejection % in process 
  • Implementation of Lean tools will create a culture of problem solving during process with suistance
  • Continuous improvement with small change
  • Good house keeping
  • Reduce VA, NVA activities in organization, reduce various wastes in an organization
  • Increase sigma level of process 


Problem Solving Techniques

What Are Problem-Solving Methods? 

Problem-solving procedures are techniques that can be used to solve a variety of difficulties. Sometimes the team is unable to come up with a brilliant creative idea, a client becomes adamant about something, or two co-workers develop a feud. Every competent problem-solver always looks for the most logical and sensible solution to the problem. 

Various Problem-Solving Methods 

Problem-solving is at the heart of leadership. True leadership confronts the issue head-on and solves it with a clear vision. Let us look at some of the most effective problem-solving techniques, that you may use in your personal and professional lives.

Honest Communication 

If you don’t communicate, you won’t be able to get to the bottom of the problem. So speak up, honestly and sincerely. Begin an open debate to find a long-term solution. Encourage your team members to be friendly with you.

Evaluating Alternatives 

It is the most efficient approach to problem-solving. In his company, Mr. xyz was recognized as a successful problem-solver. He was excellent at weighing the pros and cons of various options. He assessed everything and always had the end aim in mind. Like him, it’s critical to consider all possible answers before settling on one.

Comprehensive Thinking 

Consider a 360-degree perspective before looking for problem-solving techniques for a difficult scenario. Think big and broaden your horizons. Visualization is an effective problem-solving technique. Be receptive to other people’s ideas, knowledge, and suggestions. Integrating your ideas with those, who will aid in the development of a superior solution.

Root-Cause Analysis 

Great leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi, always got to the root of a problem and solved it. ‘The gap between what we can do and what we are capable of doing is enough to solve the majority of the world’s issues,’ he said. The root-cause analysis will help you in solving a problem in a holistic and long-term manner. It will also keep the problem from happening again.


When Rajesh’s creative director encountered a mental block or creative stalemate while working on a campaign, he called the team for a coffee-fueled brainstorming session. The team’s collaborative thinking resulted in out-of-the-box solutions that worked successfully.

Swot Analysis

(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) 

The SWOT analysis provides a useful framework for problem-solving. It allows you to make use of your current strengths, avoid detrimental flaws, explore opportunities, and spot hazards. SWOT analysis is an excellent problem-solving tool.


There is a slew of alternative ways to solve a problem. Your greatest option will be determined by the type, extent, and desired outcome of your problem. 

The Structuring Problems course from Harappa-. It will teach you, how to use the right frameworks to break down a problem into manageable chunks. You’ll also learn how to sort them into categories and figure out what might be causing them. 

After completing this course, you will be equipped with all the major techniques for identifying the causes of most of the problems. The PICK Framework will help you prioritise different aspects of your challenge. 

PICK:  Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill 

After that, as a smooth and successful problem-solver, you will benefit your company. As a result, make the appropriate decision at the appropriate time.

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Problem Solving Techniques Communication Skills



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