Minitab For Data Analysis (MDA)

Founder :-
Mr Vijay Deshpande

Data Analysis is a procedure of gathering, changing, cleaning, and displaying information with the goal of findingthe required data. The results so got are communicated,recommending conclusions and supporting basic leadership. Data visualization is an occasion used to depict the data for the simplicity of finding the valuable examples in the information. The terms Data Modelling and Data Analysis mean the equivalent.

Minitab for data analysis helps you to research the records. This is designed essentially for the Six Sigma experts. It gives a simple, powerful manner to input the statistical data, control that information, pick out tendencies and styles, after which extrapolate solutions to the modern issues. This is maximum widely used software program for the enterprise of all sizes – small, medium and massive. Minitab affords a short, effective solution for the level of evaluation required in maximum of the Six Sigma initiatives.

Who Should Attend?

For all Middle/Senior management employees from Mfg/Operation, Sales & Service, HRD, Finance department, & other department employees of an Organization.

In house training program can be organized for a group of  15 to 20 nos of participants your work place(per batch).

Course Methodology

Course Duration : 2 days(9.30 AM to 5 .00 PM)

Day 1

  • Introduction to Minitab software
  • Data types entry
  • Manipulation
  • Basics graphical techniques, Histogram
  • Box plots, Dot plots
  • Parato analysis,
  • Fish Bone diagram
  • MSA, Cp, Hypothesis
  • Anova with Minitab

Day 2

  • Correlation & regression
  • FFE
  • Multiple Regression
  • Multi variation analysis
  • DOE & Control charts with Minitab
  • Practical exercise on Minitab
  • Case study for practice
  • Discuss course content 
  • Collect fee 
  • Send course material by post 
  • Send agenda for conducting the course 
  • Decide time and date of conducting course, first session, 2 hours 
  • Give quiz 
  • Receive replies 
  • Give correct answers, with explanations 
  • Continue with second session, on similar lines 
  • After the analyse phase is over, start with the project charter discussion 
  • Support for improvement phase of the project and theory part with course material 
  • Fee collection to be completed before improve and control phase 
  • Repeat 2 hours sessions, at mutual convenience 

Take Away of the Program

  • For Quality& operational department professionals
  • Hands on training on software to handle statistical tools for analysis of shop floor data on defects, trials, rejections etc.
  • Improving ability of an individual for using own data while practicing Minitab
  • 2 days training program gives special exposure to DOE tools for use of Design professionals.