Six Sigma Certification

Process Excellence Program

Process excellence deals with identifying key process input
variables, and ensuring they are set up correctly.

Every process needs identification of correct resources and
get them available at the right time, and be cost effective.

Process excellence calls for ensuring key output of the process,
often called CTQs, achieved, to satisfy the customer. Hence while
designing a process, it is important to decide testing documentation
of the customer, process inputs archives, process monitoring


Process excellence calls for ensuring we design a process wherein
no wastes, defects, occur. All resources are effective. This calls
for process owners to be involved in various tools like, kaizen,
5 – S, etc. Its training and utilisation, Study of the process, its
improvements, based on customer feedback is key to achieve
repeat business. The key is to achieve CTQs of customers, in
such a way that top line and bottom line targets are achieved.


Under lean and six sigma there are various tools and techniques
which ensure operational matrices are achieved. These are
related to manpower, material, defects, wastes, documentation, etc.

With proper training, these optimisation of resources is done and improvements achieved. This leads to top line and bottom
line target fulfilment.


First time right is the need of the hour in business. This is
achieved through process decisions. Once the basic setup
falls under the culture of process designs, changes,
the organisation starts implementing process work of other
activities of product mix, financial planning, market gaps, etc.

This leads to improved results of SWOT of the organisation,
reflecting in a better balance score card.

Everything begins with people, processes, participation,
potential, performances leading to a growth based organisation
meeting targets.

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Under lean program, We will focus on documentation processes and improve staff capability to achieve higher turnover with the same organisation structure. We will also focus on streamlining customer inspection process, process for quotation preparation with value added content, accurate costing.


Key steps of Lean Management implementation would be :-

  1. Focus based approach to implement Lean tools at your factory; with existing staff & work done earlier.

  2. Identification of 8 wastes its reduction, 3 to 4 OJT sessions of 8 wastes simultaneously.

  3. Simultaneously we will take 5S & Kaizen assignments with on job training programs.

  4. Lean efforts for documentation processes, inventory aspects.

  5. Lean efforts for inspection, inward qc, acceptance from customers, database management etc. During lean implementation.

  6. After the initial work is over we will work on SWOT analysis of organisation, product mix related decisions, bench marking data collection, etc.

  7. We will make efforts to study competitors data, market gaps for new products, customer satisfaction studies etc.

  8. TPM(Total Productive Maintenance) awareness training with its implementation to your lean team members will be done to add value to the team.

  9. Problem solving techniques with six sigma basic tools will be imparted to cross functional team.

Who Should Attend?

CFT team of an organization.

Course Methodology

First Time Right In All Challenges Of

=> Organisation Structure
=> Financial Planning
=> Product Mix
=> Analysis of competitors
=> Use of Technology
=> Learn Six Sigma Implementation

Meet The Coach

Mr. Vijay Deshpande COEP 75, working as an action coach presently. He has 30 years of experience in running his own business. Kindly study our website using six sigma for organization’ efficient operation.
He has achieved great success in process excellence in his organization. With his knowledge of running a business using six sigma, he supports entrepreneurs to get their goals of top line/bottom lines. Most entrepreneurs need support in audit, review, control, designing processes, monitoring them, training the process owner and improving processes.
Invariably, entrepreneurs need support on these activities with a special attitude of mentoring, motivation, conduct think tank meetings, understanding reasons for failures, finding permanent solutions, right in the first attempt. With his skills of training/development, conversation skills, & understanding the pain points of entrepreneurs, he offers his services as an action coach & mentoring of process owners. kindly write of your interest!

Take Away of the Program

  • Knowledge & skills to conduct MSA for PPAP as well as routine analysis
  • Knowledge of conducting bias, stability & linearity as well as R R studies for variable & attribute data.


Measurement System Analysis



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