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5s And kaizen

An Overview:

5S are five terms beginning with “S” utilized to create a workplace suited for visual control and lean production.
5S represents systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business. One of the important approaches in journey of continuous improvement is 5S.

Program Objective:

To study the practical approach of 5’S system and enable company employees to practice 5’S methods at their workplace

Program Features:

  • Practical Approach
  • Preparation of audit check list
  • Documentation on Red tag strategy

Program Audience:

Engineers, managers, supervisors, maintenance support, manufacturing personnel and change agents. Essentially the personnel from Design, Quality Control, Production, and Service departments. Organizations at any level of a lean journey, either in the beginning stages or in more intermediate phases.

Program Pre-Requisites:

  • Training program sponsor to ensure 100% attendance of trainees.
  •  Arrangement of training room at plant premises.
  • Participants can bring their real life problems and the relevant data during the work shop.
  • The discussions will be held after each concept presentation

Program Handouts:

  • Training Material, Templates.

Post program Support:

  • Chargeable Revisit if necessary, Communication support in case of any query.

Travel and Accommodation support:

  • Mutual /based on location.

Who Should Attend?

For all Middle/Senior management employees from Mfg/Operation, Sales & Service, HRD, Finance department, & other department employees of an Organization.

In house training program can be organized for a group of  15 to 20 nos of participants your work place(per batch).

Course Methodology

Course Duration: 1 Day

 5’s Course Content

  • 5S awareness
  • What is 5S, concept & introduction
  • Waste elimination
  • Sixth S, Safety
  • Office 5S
  • Total employees’ involvement
  • Implementation of shop floor(exercise)

Kaizen Course Content

  • Kaizen awareness
  • Kaizen introduction, Why Kaizen
  • How to book Kaizen idea
  • Kaizen sheet
  • Kaizen on:- Productivity, Cost, Delivery
  • Safety, Morale, Environment,
  • Kaizen sustenance
  • Role of Management: Tp/Middle
  • Discuss course content
  • Collect fee
  • Send course material by post
  • Send agenda for conducting the course
  • Decide time and date of conducting course, first session, 2 hours
  • Give quiz
  • Receive replies
  • Give correct answers, with explanations
  • Continue with second session, on similar lines
  • After the analyse phase is over, start with the project charter discussion
  • Support for improvement phase of the project and theory part with course material
  • Fee collection to be completed before improve and control phase
  • Repeat 2 hours sessions, at mutual convenience

Course Name       : 5 S & Kaizen


  • Days           :     1
  • Sessions    :     1
  • Duration Of Sessions : 8 hrs
  • Amount     :   INR 2999.00


  • Days           :      2
  • Sessions    :   2 hrs x 4 Sessions
  • Duration Of Sessions  :  4 hours per day
  • Amount     :  INR 2999.00

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Take Away of the Program

  • Good housekeeping culture
  • Helpful for reduce wastes in an organization, built up safety culture on shop floor
  • One Small improvement makes big change in an organization as well as morale of an employee.


5 S & Kaizen



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