Total Quality Management

TQM is a management system designed for the continuous progress of overall employees in organisation for customer only.

TQM develops quality discipline into the activities of organisation with the help of proper planning, accurate data and effective communication. All these strategies are also included in modern TQM system.

Our Strength to conduct Total Quality Management (TQM) Certificate training course :

In Industry all Organizations are implementing ISO. However, a good team of MR/Internal Auditor/QC Staff can draw mileage of this best management practice. Our training course “Diploma in Total Quality Management.(TQM) is targeted for this achievement.
  • Principles of TQM
  • QC Tools/problem solving tools
  • Cost of Poor quality(CTQ)
  • How to use ISO clauses? Clauses of ISO 9001 – 2008 Standard, its co-relation with Organization structure.
  • Documentation required+ QuaLity objectives preparation
  • Study of Audit procedures, MR function responsibilities
  • MRMS’ format & review
  • Minutes of meetings with top management of Dept. Head.
  • Lean techniques(5-S, Kaizen, Kanban, Poka yoke)
  • Process approach
  • Team work
  • MRM, implementation of vision, Quality Policy/Objectives.



  • Class room session
  • Experience sharing
  • Group discussion
  • Exercises for using tools/techniques at work places
  • Case studies
  • Examination




Course Duration : 4 days.

Benefits of Total Quality Management (NM) certificate training course to an employer:

  • Preparation to work in Quality Dept of industry
  • Can work as Asst. MR/MR and Internal Auditor
  • Certificate course

Course Eligibility Program Audience

  • Working professionals/ Junior staff having 1-2 years experience in Quality/Production Inward QC/Stores dept etc. Quality Assurance Engineers, Project Managers, Team leaders, Supervisory staff, Software Professionals, Software Quality Assurance team members and Senior Management Management team of Organizations who intend to implement and practice Six Sigma.


  • Certificates will be issued to the participants those completing the examination after completing the training course.