Mr. Swapnil Kalambarkar.

May 12, 2019

Dear sir, I am very much glad to have an opportunity for feedback on “six sigma green belt training session” Now at the end of completion of my six sigma training I think that this is the first big carrier achievement which till I had in my life.. While I was studying Mechanical Engineering I was just gone through verious basic concepts just as Calibration,Pokayoke,7 Qc tools,JIT,kizen,5 S,kanbanetc But as in industrial carrier I got an opportunity to work on it and understand it But I still not clear about some points like :
– Why to work on this???
– What is the direct/indirect benefits of it ??
– What are the Scientific Methods of ???
But after having a great session on six sigma green belt I come to know about that all More over in such a interactive sessions I come to know about verious updated administrative concepts and corrparate techniques such as Concept of CTQ,FMEA,Pross mapping,DPO,DPMO,PPM,CP and CPK,etc in such a depth that now I am using this techniques in my company and getting scientific reasults of all Also I got cleared ideas about verious statistical concepts such as ANOVA,Z values ,etc As I have completed one industrial project for Six sigma green blet in DMAIC Mannor I got awarded by my company And now I am curious for much more knowledge and in depth experience so I will be joining for Black belt program In over all success story of my “Six sigma green belt” Khire sir and IFQ Team contributed and dedicated lot which can not be explained in would From starting of my first session till completion of my own project sir guide me and till now also if any doubt or curries if I am having sir are healping me regarding that I will be alawys thankful for your valuable guidance Thanks sir and IFQ Team.

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