Six Sigma Certification

How Is Lean Six Sigma Helpful To The Pharma Industry?

Pharma Industry needs use of statistical tools in their formulation and product trials . There are lots of variables in a product design which need to be mixed in the right proportion . Such complex situations can be handled using minitab and DOE , tools of six sigma black belt. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma … Read more

How Is Six Sigma Certification Helpful For Banking Professionals?

There are some special software for the banking professionals. However in the banking working sytems, six sigma is used profusely, especially in the lean part! Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

How Does Lean Six Sigma Helps Healthcare Sectors To Grow?

Under health care we have hospitals, clinics as a big segment. They need to offer almost care and wellbeing to the patients. New standards are made applicable to hospitals, under NABL. Knowledge of six sigma can ensure compliance to standards in a very comprehensive manner. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six … Read more

How Does Six Sigma Help As A Operations Associates?

Six Sigma was invented by motorola in their shop floor to resolve customer complaints, reduce waste. This is a patented management philosophy of MOTOROLA. It uses priniciples of DMAIC, DFSS. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

How Useful Is The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification For Electrical And Automation Maintenance?

Automation systems need timely maintenance. Hence use of TPM is better! There are 7 pillars of TPM. We have a very good training session in TPM. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course TPM Online Course

How Do I Implement Six Sigma In Business Development And Marketing of IT Service Firms?

Six Sigma has few good tools like: Kano Model CTQ VOC If learnt it properly, it can help in satisfying customers above his expectations. Service industry is all about listening to customers, transforming it into solutions which we can offer for his pain points. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma … Read more

How Can I Implement Six Sigma In My Work In Order To Reduce Delays?

Various Tools : PROCESS MAPPING IDENTIFICATION OF 8 WASTES VALUE STREAM MAPPING One has to go through the training of lean / ssgb to get oriented with these tools. Once a few examples are solved in the session, your concepts are clear. Six Sigma is all the common sense. There is no rocket science. However … Read more

How Effective Is Six Sigma Into Retail?

LEAN design a part of six sigma is the best sutied for retail. Retail sale over the counter or Etransaction tries to meet customer demand within limited time. Lean techniques will find a lot of application in retail sale situation. In fact it is profusely used! Since it is having large number of transactions! Our … Read more

Are Six Sigma Practitioners Usually Transactional or Transformational Leaders? As A Whole, Is Six Sigma Transactional or Transformational?

Transactional analysis deals with emotional part of a situation. Where, people are major contributors of the process. It helps to resolve conflicts using emotional aspects.Transactional analysis deals with leadership where, he handles people with techniques to bring the change. Six sigma techniques fall under the transactional theory. There are tools and techniques in Six Sigma … Read more