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How Effective Is Six Sigma Into Retail?

LEAN design a part of six sigma is the best sutied for retail. Retail sale over the counter or Etransaction tries to meet customer demand within limited time. Lean techniques will find a lot of application in retail sale situation. In fact it is profusely used! Since it is having large number of transactions! Our … Read more

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Are Six Sigma Practitioners Usually Transactional or Transformational Leaders? As A Whole, Is Six Sigma Transactional or Transformational?

Transactional analysis deals with emotional part of a situation. Where, people are major contributors of the process. It helps to resolve conflicts using emotional aspects.Transactional analysis deals with leadership where, he handles people with techniques to bring the change. Six sigma techniques fall under the transactional theory. There are tools and techniques in Six Sigma … Read more

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