The 5 Most Important Lean Six Sigma Tools To Boost Your Process.

Lean Six Sigma Tools: PROCESS MAPPING TAKT TIME FMEA VSM 8 WASTES Every process has key inputs. However lean six sigma focuses on using these key inputs in a manner that they are adding values. Non value adding activities have to be reduced. This is primary focus of lean six sigmma by using process mapping! … Read more

How To Use A Fishbone Diagram?

5M OR 7P in marketing or 4S in service industry are the prominent inputs. Fish bone diagram deals with the resolving likely causes of these inputs! The basic fundamentals of six sigma is, there are inputs and outputs for a process!We need to identify key inputs and key outputs. Which satisfy the customers need. When … Read more

Complete Guide To Understand The Role of Benchmarking In Six Sigma

Benchmarking is a very important step in the project charter of six sigma. Every six sigma project begins with a project charter. In this charter one has to define the benchmarked goal of the project. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

Essential Lean Six Sigma Tools To Use With The DMAIC Approach.

Lean six sigma is used to reduce waste. In DMAIC approach we have to reduce defects. Under lean techniques we use following tools – Process Mapping 8 Wastes takt time VSM Process Improvement using FMEA Focus is on using the key inputs with the right costs to achieve customers expectations, measured using CTQ. Our Popular … Read more

Six Sigma vs Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma both topics are same. Lean six sigma is the beginning of six sigma. It is understood that, when you refer the six sigma, lean is done! ASQ treats six sigma as the lean six sigma only.There is nothing like lean six sigma in ASQ. Without lean six sigma, six … Read more

How Is Six Sigma Beneficial For The BPO Industry?

BPO needs the lean process and quick resolution of the customer complaints, for which a trained professional of six sigma can reduce customer complaints and time to respond.Most BPO’s need to respond customer stated needs in a reasonable time. For the same a focus on process excellence is mandatory. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green … Read more

How Does Lean Six Sigma Helps Healthcare Sectors To Grow?

Under health care we have hospitals, clinics as a big segment. They need to offer almost care and wellbeing to the patients. New standards are made applicable to hospitals, under NABL. Knowledge of six sigma can ensure compliance to standards in a very comprehensive manner. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six … Read more

How Does Six Sigma Help As A Operations Associates?

Six Sigma was invented by motorola in their shop floor to resolve customer complaints, reduce waste. This is a patented management philosophy of MOTOROLA. It uses priniciples of DMAIC, DFSS. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

How Do I Implement Six Sigma In Business Development And Marketing of IT Service Firms?

Six Sigma has few good tools like: Kano Model CTQ VOC If learnt it properly, it can help in satisfying customers above his expectations. Service industry is all about listening to customers, transforming it into solutions which we can offer for his pain points. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma … Read more

How Can I Implement Six Sigma In My Work In Order To Reduce Delays?

Various Tools : PROCESS MAPPING IDENTIFICATION OF 8 WASTES VALUE STREAM MAPPING One has to go through the training of lean / ssgb to get oriented with these tools. Once a few examples are solved in the session, your concepts are clear. Six Sigma is all the common sense. There is no rocket science. However … Read more