Six Sigma Certification

How Six Sigma Certification Adds Value To Your Resume & What Packages Can One Expect?

Six-Sigma Certification is a set of quality standards which can not only be applied for the advantage of organisation, but it can benefit the person also.

Let’s check out how Six Sigma certification makes your CV valuable. Also we will see what kind of packages you can expect and how it can be valuable for your future career prospects.

Now a day’s getting job for a fresher is very hard. Everybody asks for an experienced candidate. But Six Sigma certification makes a good impression on the interviewer even as a fresher in the resume. The knowledge of Six Sigma itself creates a respect in the mind of the interviewer. During an interview he may ask many insightful things about six sigma philosophies. A candidate has to have good knowledge with all theoretical definitions. Having any practical experience is definitely an added advantage.   

If we talk about the salary expectations, the package offered is dependent on many various factors. There is no central governing body that states that a particular post should receive particular amount of CTC.

In case of fresher, salary depends on,

  • Institute from which you have done the course.
  • Grade obtained during training.
  • Your calibre visible during interview.
  • Your theoretical and practical knowledge (If any)

But when we talk about experienced person, some additions are there in grading method such as,

  • Number of successful projects carried out using six sigma strategies.
  • Period of experience.
  • Calibre shown during interview.
  • Overall understanding of six sigma terms and their use.
  • Budget of the company.
  • Negotiation for salary over current salary.

If you are already having some experience, then six-sigma certification will bolster your chances of bagging a good package. If you are black belt professional, you will be responsible for explaining philosophies and principles of six-sigma, including supporting systems and tools. Black belt certification gives comprehensive knowledge of define, measure, analyse, improve and control i.e. (DMAIC).

Master Black belt is the top level where you can distribute six-sigma in organisation. A Master Black belt can build up and support progress activities in all business areas of the organization and also at suppliers and customers end.

As of 2019 our institute IFQ India has helped place several candidates into large and small companies. The companies they are placed into are listed here but are not limited to Emerson, Emcure Pharma, Dr. Reddy, Mahindra, WNS, ADP, Vodafone, Maersk Global, Bharat Forge, Kalyani Forge, Preci Forge Gears, Adico Forge, Novel Hospital, Syntel, Biored Medicals, Techmahindra, Fujikura, Tata Ficosa, Amphenol, Sungard, Capgemini, Volkswagen, Tata Technologies, Thermax, Serum Institute, KPIT, D.Y.Power System, Idea Cellular, Institute of Science, Western Forge, HYT Engg, Phillips, Valiant TMS, Kirloskar Bros, Mutual Industries, Excel Services, Sandvik Asia, Unipol Ltd, Swan Services, Kohler , Sciformix, ZS Associates,  Hoganas Ltd. Advik Hitech, PARI, Kirloskar Pneumatics, Cognizent, Kimberly Clark, Whirlpool, Praj Industries, Wipro, Mather Platt Ltd. etc…

As per survey in 2017, the salary for Six Sigma certified professionals is in $100,000+ pay bracket. They are amongst the high-paid professionals globally. For example, when we talk about Master Black Belt or Black belt certification experts, they have experience of handling the quality projects independently. In India, the pay ranges from 16 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs per annum. This again depends on the individual’s previous earned salary that would get correlated with the budget of the profile, the company they are being interviewed into and number of years of experience.

Being a six sigma expert, you should have an excellent skill set. By having proof that you have awareness and you can apply lean six-sigma, can set you apart from the crowd. The career graph of Black belt experts is always been an increasing one. They can fit into any roles like senior directors, managers, data analyst, consultants, project managers, program managers, VP’s.

I’m sure there are several other designations, but everyone has their own goals and possibility of getting a role. In short Six Sigma makes a person to be capable of doing all the prestigious parts in an industry.

All in all being a six sigma professional is in favour of fresher and experienced as well. We can say that six sigma certification will raise the quality of your resume.

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