Six Sigma Certification

How Much Package Can I Expect, If I Am A Green Belt Holder In Six Sigma?

A package of INR 7 to 8 lacs for 4 to 5 years experienced quality or operation professional is possible at minimum level, but you need 2 to 4 years experience of business organisation. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course

How Important Is Six Sigma Certification For An Industrial Engineer?

Most industrial engineers undergoes training in six sigma. Six sigma is a part of the industrial engineering. Industrial engineering deals with the lean part of six sigma. It is related to reduction of waste. Six sigma is a combination of lean and statistical tools for reducing defects / waste. Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green … Read more

How Six Sigma Can Support Data Analytics?

Six sigma teaches you statistical tools which help you for the data analysis. For every situation, data and facts presented in a number manner is of no use. We need to get it in an analytical mode. This analysis can help us to improve our judgement in decision. Following tools give us this analysed data … Read more