Six Sigma Certification

Essential Lean Six Sigma Tools To Use With The DMAIC Approach.

Lean six sigma is used to reduce waste. In DMAIC approach we have to reduce defects. Under lean techniques we use following tools – Process Mapping 8 Wastes takt time VSM Process Improvement using FMEA Focus is on using the key inputs with the right costs to achieve customers expectations, measured using CTQ. Our Popular … Read more

How Can I Use The Six Sigma Methodology To Improve A Software Development Process?

DMAIC structured methodology can solve problems like delayed projects, customer complaints, which occur in software projects! This training is related to using tools of process mapping, takt time, FMEA, 8 WASTES, etc . Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

How Important Is, Six Sigma Certification For MBA Students?

MBA students deals with decision making and problem solving. Six sigma primarily focuses on the same. MBA students are given a lot of holistic knowledge, however they don’t comprehend it without experience. Six sigma gives the same knowledge in a more condensed manner of DMAIC . Our Popular Courses Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course … Read more

How Six Sigma Certification Adds Value To Your Resume & What Packages Can One Expect?

Six-Sigma Certification is a set of quality standards which can not only be applied for the advantage of organisation, but it can benefit the person also. Let’s check out how Six Sigma certification makes your CV valuable. Also we will see what kind of packages you can expect and how it can be valuable for … Read more